Something for every occasion.

Side Hustle Syrups is a premium drink mix company that specializes in cocktail making. Our products are non-alcoholic and can be used in mocktails, flavoring tea & coffee, and making specialty sodas.

Small batch, big flavor.

Old Fashioned Fusion Kit
  • Whiskey Smash

    One of our favorites. Pair your favorite whiskey, with Side Hustle Ginger Beer Syrup, lemon juice, blackberries, and soda water.

  • Old Fashioned

    The OG cocktail. Our Orange-Vanilla Simple Syrup offers a great accentuation of orange, and a creamy texture to this iconic drink.

  • The Shiggy Piggy

    Side Hustle Elderflower Simple Syrup compliments gin very well. Try out this cocktail made from gin, elderflower, grapefruit. and soda water.