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A message from the Founder

After years spent working in a craft brewery, I had the opportunity to work with a great local distillery, Dry Fly Distilling. This was the start Side Hustle Syrups and our pursuit to create high quality products, and simplify consumers needs to make a simpler, more flavorful drink. As the years have passed by, we still hold on to our core values of producing products without compromise, and offer the best customer service.  Thank you for your support and we look forward to serving you in the future.

Dillon Hueser | Founder

| Our Local partners |

"The Viking has been using Side Hustle Syrups for over 2 years, now. We were blown away from the quality of the product that Dillon has been able to create. Not only have we used his product for our Moscow Mules and for our Mojitos, but we have also used Side Hustle Syrups for specialty cocktails for special events and cocktail lists. They have all been well received by the public. With all the different varieties of syrups that have been created, we always know that we are going to receive a quality product that is also consistent and locally made by a young local entrepreneur."

The Viking Bar & Grill

Greg Healy & Krista Christofferson

General Manager
Steven Barclay

"Working with Side Hustle Syrups has been a pleasure from the beginning. The product is always top-notch and the service is even better. Our customers are constantly asking for Side Hustle sodas for their kids, but we even have many people take home the sodas in a growler in order to make their own cocktails at home. Best syrups + sodas around!"

Yaya Brewing Co

Jason Gass